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The solar photovoltaic (PV) industry has developed considerably in recent years and is forecast to experience a further 30% growth rate over next few years. Traditionally using liquid coatings or anodized finishes, powder is a relatively new concept in this fascinating market.  There are some quite unique performance challenges – a 25 year exterior exposure is just the minimum coating requirement and protecting the structural integrity of the solar panels and preventing corrosion is king.

GreenVolts, a solar PV company based in the USA, uses a patented CPV (concentrated photovoltaic) technology and are building the biggest CPV power station in the States. The project requires 25 years corrosion protection and a particular level of UV protection in (C4) environment. And now the tracker parts feature powder coatings, making this green energy provider even greener.

Henkel’s Aquence autophoretic primer and AkzoNobel super-durable powder coating system supplied to GreenVolts, repeatedly outperformed even e-coat for edge protection and long inner-pipe coating protection.

Items Coated: Support structures and paddles

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